Customizable Laundry Service in Westchester, IL

Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning Services With FREE Pick Up & Delivery

Take back your time, enjoy all that Westchester has to offer and put your laundry chores into the hands of the professional and trustworthy Wash Fairies.

We provide wash & fold and dry cleaning services with pick up and delivery in Westchester, IL. With our customizable laundry service, We will wash your items to your exact specifications – everything from washing temps to drying instructions, along with a wide variety of detergents and fabric softeners. Buy yourself the convenience of extra time and the peace of mind that Wash Fairies laundry service offers.

Schedule a laundry pick up today and let the enchantment of Wash Fairies work for you!

We currently serve the following zip codes in Westchester: 60154.